Barn Metal Roof

Maximizing Return On Investmenet And Limiting Minishing Returns



$231/monthly average savings


Peculiar, MO


19,086 KW Annually

System Size

12.6 KW

Products Included

A total of 42 — 300 watt panels
DC Optimized SolarEdge Inverter with solar monitoring
Watertight rail attachment for metal roof


The homeowner has electric heat so we made sure to focus on the monthly offset vs annual. The winter months throw off the annual usage but the goal is to get as close as we can to 100% offset while not over producing too much throughout the year. This will maximize ROI and limit any diminishing returns due to wholesale buy back rates on overproduction.

The graph below shows the monthly usage breakdown between utilities (in grey) and solar (in blue) over an entire year.

Monthly Breakdown
monthly usage bar chart
Environmental Impact
environmental stats
Bill Comparison

Before Solar

before bill

After Solar

after bill

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