Ground Mount

Getting Payback And The Best Bang For Your Buck

ground mount


$184/month average bill before

$12/month average bill after


Richmond, MO


14,245 KWH Annually

System Size

9.6 KW

Products Included

A total of 32 — 300 watt solar panels
DC Optimized SolarEdge Inverter with solar monitoring
Ground mount racking


This homeowner was very much financially driven. He was only concerned with payback and the best bang for his buck. The home itself sits on a large plot of land so a ground mounted system was an excellent option. The south facing orientation of the panels allow for a ton of sunlight to be captured, all day, all year, to maximize savings and increase ROI. We had plenty of land space to put in as large of a system as needed, but we made sure to size the system to the homeowner’s usage in order to limit any over production while maximizing savings throughout the year.

The graph below shows the monthly usage breakdown between utilities (in grey) and solar (in blue) over an entire year.

Monthly Breakdown
monthly usage bar chart
Environmental Impact
environmental stats

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