The Vision

To offer all children the chance to experience the wonders of living and learning in the outdoors.

The Mission

Wildwood programs are designed to deliver key experiences and transform summer into a season of learning, youth development, and outdoor adventure for low-income Kansas City area youth.

The Challenge

Electricity was Wildwoods largest expense before partnering with RisingSun to install solar panels. After solar, they are able to save $7,253 every year & invest those savings where it matters most!

Above you'll see the estimated environmental and financial impact of solar panels. Risingsun loves to find creative ways to put the benefits of solar power into perspective and in terms of Wildwood's mission, the money saved with solar over 25 years is equivalent to sending 739 kids to camp! 

How will your solar savings empower you?

Our goal is to guide our community through the modern renewable energy landscape. You may have noticed that Kansas City non-profits are rapidly adopting solar. Just like residential solar,  It's a no-brainer when the conditions are right and we're grateful for the opportunity to power up their mission and share it with generous folks like yourself.

Please, join us!

Visit wildwoodctr.org/donate then forward your $100 receipt to accounting@risingsun.solar and we will joyfully match your donation.