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RisingSun Solar is proud to call Wichita Home. Our office is a lively hub of dedicated solar exerts that service their own neighbors. It is also home to hundreds of beautiful parks and boulevards that share cleaner air thanks to the unbelievable wave of solar adopters like yourself. We have officially reached grid parity in our area, which simply means the cost of solar power is the same of less as a conventional form of energy like your utility provider.

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Wichita solar panels do far more than simply help reduce emissions. They also help save homeowners day one by cutting down electric bills and protecting them from rising electricity rates. With incentives such as the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, there’s no better time to make the switch to solar. RisingSun Solar’s 25 year warranties and guarantees give you peace of mind that you're in good hands.

26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

Property Tax Exemption

Net Metering

26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

This tax credit is available to all residents and business owners who want to make the switch to renewable energy and install solar panels. Offered by the federal government, it allows people to receive 26% of the total cost of their solar panels back in tax credits. That means that if your solar panels cost $9,000, you’d receive $2,340 back in tax credits. That would reduce the cost of your solar panels down top $6,660. And if you don’t use all your tax credits back in the first year, the remainder will just roll right over to the next.

This fantastic incentive won’t be available forever, though. Starting January 1st, 2021, the tax credit is reduced to 22% of the total cost. While that’s still pretty good, 26% is better. And in 2022, it’s completely unavailable for residential solar panel systems. That means that if you want to install Wichita solar panels for the best deal, you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Property Tax Exemption for Wichita Solar Panels

Renewable energy sources such as solar power are growing in popularity all over, including Wichita. And because the city’s leadership knows just how big it’s going to get in the future, they’ve made solar panels in Wichita exempt from property taxes.

When you install a solar panel system, that system will add value to your home. Normally you would have to pay additional property taxes for this extra value. But not in Wichita! Here you can install your solar panels and enjoy your extra value without having to pay anything extra!

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Net Metering for Wichita Solar Panels

Net metering is a wonderful incentive available to help you get the most out of your new solar panel system. When your solar energy system produces more electricity than your home or business needs, the excess energy will be sent to your utility company. They will then credit your account for the electricity you sent to the grid. This allows you to maximize your savings, and help your utility company utilize greener, cleaner electricity.

RisingSun Solar, Trusted Wichita Solar Panel Installation Company

RisingSun Solar, Trusted Wichita Solar Panel Installation Company RisingSun Solar has been installing solar panels in Midwest for 6 years. Our Number One priority is your satisfaction. We use the highest quality materials such as LG solar panels and Enphase microinverters. Our technicians are Tesla Powerwall and NABCEP Certified. We refuse to offer anything less than the best service to our customers.

In addition to your RisingSun Solar installation, you will also receive:

Our 25 year labor warranty. A free energy audit of your home so that you see maximum savings. RisingSun Solar is a local Wichita solar installation company. To learn more about going solar, or to schedule a free, no hassle consultation, simply contact us today! RisingSun Solar services the greater Wichita area. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your Wichita solar panels without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!

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Anthony Johnson
over 1 year ago

The whole process from start to finish was really organized. Rising Sun is very prompt, courteous and everything was laid out for me with much detail. Rhody and Desmond were always available to answer my questions and I had a lot! Megan stayed in contact with us through the whole process and we always knew what was going on. The installation crew was always on time for the work day and was polite and courteous and cleaned up after themselves every day. The emphase app is extremely easy to use and I love checking it everyday to see how much energy the panels are producing. I also love that is shows real time what our panels are producing compared to how much energy we are using. The panels are great quality and look really nice on our roof. We've recommended RisingSun to all of our friends and neighbors. Top Notch Company we are so glad we were able to work with them!