J.C. and Debbie Copley

5.32 kW Roof Mount

Environmental Benefits

Coal Emissions

4,145 lbs

Offsets CO2 emissions from 4,145 lbs of coal being burnt each year.

Sequestered Carbon

4.9 acres

Offsets the carbon sequestered by 4.9 acres of US Forests yearly.

Gas Emissions

9,334 miles

Offsets the emissions from driving 9,334 miles each year.

Projected Savings
Bill Without Solar
New Utility Bill
Assuming a 3% escelation rate on utility rate.
System Overview
  • Panel Model

    REC Alpha
  • Panel Power

    355 watts
  • Panel Count

  • Inverter

    Enphase Energy IQ7+
  • Racking

    Iron Ridge